category: Independent Non-Executive Directors
Title: Independent Non-executive Director
Card Detail:

Hon Cheung Kwok Kwan, JP (張國鈞, 太平紳士) (“Hon Cheung”) was appointed as our independent non-executive Director on 19 Sep 2018. Hon Cheung is responsible for providing independent judgment on the issues of strategy, performance, resources and standard of conduct of our Group.

Hon Cheung obtained a bachelor’s degree of laws and a postgraduate certificate in laws from the City University of Hong Kong in November 1997 and August 1998 respectively. Hon Cheung was admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong in September 2000 and is a partner of Cheung & Yeung, Solicitors. He has been appointed as a Justice of the Peace in July 2014. He was then elected as a Legislative Council member of Hong Kong since October 2016. He was also appointed as a non-official member of the Executive Council since July 2017, a member of the Hong Kong Housing Authority since 2015 and China-Appointed Attesting Officer since December 2015.