category: Senior Management
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Card Detail:

Mr. Remzi Wu (吳謦燃) ("Mr. Wu") joined our Group in Nov 2017. His current position is a Chief Operating Officer of the Group. He is mainly responsible for the overall strategic management and development of our Group’s business operations, administration, compliance, capital market investment and financing business and investor relations

Mr. Wu obtained a bachelor’s degree in Government and Public Administration in Social Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Mr. Wu has extensive experience in capital operation and had participated in the whole process of Initial Public Offering of various of companies, included our Group, on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Mr. Wu is also the director and shareholder of CDI Shankly Capital Holdings Company Limited, Shankly Capital Limited and Shankly Corporate Finance Consultancy Limited, which CDI Shankly Capital Holdings Company Limited is one of the shareholders of Joint-venture, HY Capital Holdings Company Limited.