category: Executive Directors
Title: Executive Director
Card Detail:

Pang Ming (彭明) (“Mr. Pang”) has been appointed as an executive Director of our Company since 28 June 2019. He is responsible for formulating the Company’s business strategy in the PRC.

Mr. Pang has extensive experience in finance and investment, including property investment, equity investment, asset management and real estate investment trust. Mr. Pang holds the Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Management and Technology. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Pang was the vice-president of a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Saite Group Company Limited (中國賽特集團有限公司) (stock code: 153.HK), which engages in construction consulting business in the PRC. Mr. Pang is currently a director of Capital Development Investment Holdings Limited, which mainly engages in property development and investment in the PRC. Mr. Pang is also the general manager of B&R Investment Holding Limited (絲路投資控股有限公司), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Wall Belt & Road Holdings Limited (長城一帶一路有限公司) (stock code: 524.HK) which engages in property development in the PRC.