Who We Are

Steel and Metal Engineering
The Group is leading and well-established steel and metal engineering company, specialising in design, manufacture, supply and installation of steel and metal products for construction projects in Hong Kong. We were the largest steel and metal engineering company in overall public sector in Hong Kong and ranked third in the overall steel and metal works engineering service market in Hong Kong.

Apart from provision of engineering services, we also sell steel and metal products, including metal gates, collapsible gates, fire-insulated shutters, rolling shutters, metal doors and other steel and metal products, to our customers based on their requirements and specifications. Our Group, through Huizhou Hengyi, our PRC operating subsidiary, owns the production facilities located in Huizhou, the PRC, which manufactures steel and metal products required by our customers based on their demand and specifications.

Huizhou Hengyi obtained the AEO certification in December 2015 which is an internationally recognised quality mark indicating that our role in the international supply chain is secure, and that the customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant, and such certification is generally awarded to participants who fully meet AEO requirements, such as customs compliance, appropriate record keeping, financial solvency and, where relevant, security and safety standards.

In 2019, our Group acquired Sunshine Metal Engineering Limited, of which the nature of business is iron works. It is under the “Structural Steelwork” category of List of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works, specialising in supply and installation of structural steel for construction projects in Hong Kong.

Recent Development
A subsidiary of the Group, CDI Hang Yick Construction Holdings Co. Ltd. SZ (首建恒益(深圳)建築控股有限公司) engages in construction of residential buildings and design of construction engineering. It has participated in a real estate development project in a convenient location in Foshan, the PRC, which integrates residential and commercial uses.
In addition, Fujian Hejin Construction Engineering Limited under the Group covers a wide scope of engineering projects. It has obtained the qualifications of Grade 2 Main Contractor for Construction and Engineering as well as Grade 3 Main Contractor for Construction and Engineering of Municipal Public Works in China. 

Our History

Operating for over 28 years and established in Hong Kong in 1993.

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Our Market Share

The largest steel and metal engineering company in overall public sector in Hong Kong. In terms of revenue in 2017, with market share of approximately 31.9%, and an estimated market share of approximately 8.6% in the overall steel and engineering services market in Hong Kong.

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Group Structure


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  • "HY Capital"
    - HY Capital Holdings Company Limited
  • "HY China"
    - HY China Investment Company Limited
  • "HY Metal"
    - HY Metal Company Limited
  • "首建恒益(廣東)實業 "
    - CDI Hang Yick Guangdong Development Co. Ltd | 首建恒益(廣東)實業發展有限公司 | 首建恒益(广东)实业发展有限公司
  • "佛山市臻裕置業"
    - Foshan Zhenyu Real Estate Investment Co. Ltd | 佛山市臻裕置業投資有限公司 | 佛山市臻裕置业投资有限公司
  • "福建禾金台州分公司"
    - Fujian Hejin Construction Engineering Limited Taizhou Branch | 福建禾金建設工程有限公司台州分公司 | 福建禾金建设工程有限公司台州分公司
  • "惠州市溢存"
    - Huizhou Yicun Steel Structural Engineering Limited | 惠州市溢存鋼結構工程有限公司 | 惠州市溢存钢结构工程有限公司

Market Competition

Market share of steel and metal engineering market players in overall public sector in Hong Kong


  • Our Group
  • Company A
  • Company B
  • Others

The revenue of our Group is based on year ended 31 March 2018. According to Frost & Sullivan, our Group, Company A and Company B are the notable steel and metal engineering service providers in the public sector, while the market share of other market participants are relatively small or without strong presence in provision of steel and metal engineering service in public sector.

Source: Frost & Sullivan